This program is perfect for you if...

you're a survivor of sexual assault and seeking a compassionate, safe space to process your experiences, heal, and reclaim your sense of power and control.

Our empathetic therapists utilize a trauma-informed approach, employing evidence-based techniques such as cognitive processing therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and mindfulness practices, to help you work through the complex emotions and challenges that arise in the aftermath of assault. In this supportive and non-judgmental environment, you'll have the opportunity to address the impact of trauma on your thoughts, emotions, and relationships, fostering resilience and growth. If you're ready to embark on a journey towards healing, empowerment, and renewed self-confidence, this sexual assault therapy program is the ideal choice for you.

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault refers to contact or behavior that is sexual in nature without the consent of the victim; this includes attempted rape, rape, forcing a victim to perform a sexual act, unwanted touching, or someone coercing a victim by lying or manipulation.

How can it affect your life?

Sexual assault can affect someone in many different ways both short and long-term, and time does not necessarily help someone heal from it. Often victims feel intense emotional distress. They even tend to blame themselves or feel guilty for putting themselves in that situation or may even minimize the act through denial. Also, their sense of safety feels gone and intense anxiety and fear typically follow.

The emotional weight of all this inevitably affects your physical health. It can come with unexplained pain in the body, issues with digestion and eating, pain during sex, lack of sexual drive, or difficulty climaxing.

How can I get help for it?

Whether the assault was recent or from a long time ago, it affects each victim deeply, and seeking counseling is such an important role in your healing journey. Remember this is a process. Even if you have had counseling shortly after the assault, you may realize new things come to the surface as your phases of life change (i.e. marriage, divorce, having children, etc.). Healing from trauma is complex and difficult. Having someone to walk alongside you is key to your healing.