This program is perfect for you if...

if you're struggling with addiction or substance abuse and seeking effective ways to overcome your dependence and achieve lasting recovery.

Whether you're struggling with alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors, this program can provide you with the tools, support, and guidance you need to break free from your addiction and reclaim your life. With a comprehensive approach that includes evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention, you'll learn how to address the root causes of your addiction, develop healthy coping strategies, and build a sustainable recovery plan that works for you. With the support of experienced professionals and a community of peers who understand what you're going through, you'll be able to achieve meaningful progress towards overcoming your addiction and living a life free from substance abuse.

What causes addiction?

There are many factors that contribute to the cause of addiction; these can be both environmental and even genetic. Environmental causes include peer pressure, access to drugs in school, poverty, mental health issues, parental neglect, experimenting with substances, and trauma such as physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse. Studies have shown that there is an increased risk to having an addiction if a parent also deals with an addiction.

How can it affect your life?

Addition affects every area of your life. It can inhibit your ability to maintain a job or pursue your goals. It often creates disconnect in healthy relationships and takes a toll on your emotional and physical health.
Whether your addiction is behavioral (like gambling or sexual) or an actual substance, it can cause many different things that affect your physical health - mental illnesses, stroke, increased risk for motor vehicle accidents, infectious diseases, heart complications, lung disease, cancer, seizures and even the risk of an overdose.
Addiction affects your brain’s ability to function causing difficulties in decision making and even inhibits freedom of thought, making it difficult to maintain the desire to quit.

How can I get help for it?

At Hope Restored, we understand that recovery is complex and a journey. We desire to walk with you through it and help you come to the other side of the addiction that has been plaguing your life. Through a variety of support, we believe that you can have hope for a different life that brings joy, fulfillment, and peace.