This program is perfect for you if...

if you're grappling with test anxiety and seeking to develop effective coping strategies, enhance focus, and boost academic performance.

Our expert therapists utilize proven techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness practices to help you address the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your anxiety. In this supportive and non-judgmental setting, you'll learn to manage stress, build confidence, and improve your test-taking skills through personalized guidance tailored to your needs. If you're ready to overcome the hurdles of test anxiety and unlock your full potential for academic success, this test anxiety therapy program is the ideal choice for you.

What causes test anxiety?

Test anxiety can have many causes, but is often caused by feelings of shame and inadequacy. Many people who struggle with test anxiety may fear disapproval from important people in their life or that their grades are a reflection of their worth. Test anxiety can even stem from learning disorders.

How can it affect your life?

Test anxiety often builds upon a narrative of shame that you are not enough or unable to produce a desired outcome. No matter how much you study or how well you know the material, you may sit down for a test and all the information is replaced with thoughts of confusion, fear, and inadequacy. It creates low self-esteem causing you to identify as a failure.

It can even affect you physically. During a test, you may experience nausea, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and feeling faint. These symptoms can even continue after the test and lead to more stress and anxiety.

How can counseling help your test anxiety?

Getting the help you need can be essential to testing well and accomplishing your goals. Oftentimes, we may not be even aware of mindsets, feelings of inadequacy, or learning difficulties that can affect how we test. At Hope Restored, we’d love to partner with you and help you grow in your ability to take tests and manage the anxiety, so you can feel confident and be able to recall material for your next test.